Cooking is a game

Cooking is a game and it is a sport with very little rules and recipes argues Dario Barrio who refuses to classify his cuisine into a type.

Best all-day breakfast places in Singapore

Why wake up at 9am when you can have breakfast during lunch or even dinner time? epicure singles out ten spots that give bed-hogging diners a chance to satisfy their cravings.

Cuisine xtreme

Part rocker, part dare-devil and full-fledged savvy entrepreneur, Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred Alvin Leung embodies a new wave of chefs who combine traditional ingredients with modern cooking techniques.

May 2010 food hunting

Submit a photo of your favourite restaurant dish and win a $100 Swiss Butchery voucher!

Cruise down the Nile

Cruise down the nile.

Aged gems

The latest whisky releases.

Mother’s day treat

Mum eats free at The Song of India

Six days in Madrid

To the new coterie of chefs who are marrying traditional flavours with futuristic cooking techniques, Spain is a veritable destination. André Chiang shares his first impressions of the city with epicure.

The pride of Prüm

Meet Katharina Prüm, the lady who’s set to bring her family-owned winery to the world.



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