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Executive wine lunch

epicure 1 September 2015

In today’s business climate, the power lunch is one where ordering the right food and wine can show your prowess as a cognoscenti. June Lee takes a look at the etiquette of having a midday tipple.

The Mad Men era of the three martini lunches are over – or at least the excessively boozy side of it is passé. Those legendary expense-account affairs were the province of Wall Street and Fleet Street, where deals were fast-tracked over convivial gatherings that spanned hours and involved cocktails, wines and liquor – not to mention lobsters and caviar.

In today’s corporate world, time and money is now more likely to be dispensed with discretion and efficiency. Over a lunch appointment, those who do drink are expected to hold their spirits well, and be connoisseurs of the vine.


Excerpt from the September 2015 issue of epicure.

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