Vanilla and passionfruit cookies

Tangy passionfruit filling complements crisp sweet cookies for a lovely teatime treat.

Roast pigeon with beetroot consomm

Bompard says: “Beetroot’s sweet earthiness interacts well with the gamey pigeon, which is pan-seared to heighten its flavour.”

French cod fish with beetroot and meuniere butter

Bompard says: “The earthly notes of beetroot go well with the sweet flavours of seafood.”

Carrot cake with chinese dates

The tried and tested British classic gets an Asian makeover with Chinese dates, giving the cake a sweet, herbaceous quality.

Forest berry terrine with honey black sesame seed crumb

Give the traditional no-bake cheesecake a lift with a refreshing addition of forest berry jello.

Sour lemon pound cake with cream cheese frosting and blood orange and grapefruit salsa

Turn the humble pound cake into something elegant and special. Adding sour cream grants a sweet and tangy flavour while blood oranges and grapefruits give it a burst of summer colours.

Dark wicked chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and figs

This decadent confection is wickedly rich, and adding fresh figs makes for a dramatic presentation. The quality and high cocoa content of chocolate are essential to infuse the cake with a wonderful fragrance.

Poached red wine pear tart with almond filling on sucrée pastry

You wouldn’t drink cheap plonk so why use it for baking? Opt for aged red wine for this recipe to poach the pears. You get best results using Packham pears from South Africa as they still retain a firm texture after cooking.

Banana cake with gula melaka butterscotch

Instead of brown sugar, try gula melaka—go for a pure, unadulterated version that has not been mixed with white sugar—for a richer fragrance. To achieve a hard and crusty cake surface, bake only on the day that you are serving this as bananas tend to get soggy in the fridge due to contact with moisture.



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