Homemade pumpkin casoncelli with Taleggio cheese fondue & walnuts

Balance in flavours are important. Light cheese against the nutty taste of walnuts and earthy pumpkin strike that perfect balance.

Sopaipillas (fried pumpkin bread)

Chile is the second biggest consumer of bread in the world after Germany. An integral part of their cuisine, bread is present for almost every meal. A particularly versatile option is sopaipillas – fried pumpkin bread that could be an appetiser with pebre (a ubiquitous Chilean-style salsa of summer tomatoes, onions, coriander, and ground or puréed spicy ají peppers) or a dessert when submerged in spiced sugar syrup.

Tiradito nikkei with New Zealand wild snapper

A harmonious cross between Peruvian ceviche and Japanese sashimi, tiradito Nikkei features fish that is thinly sliced instead of cubed. The citrus-based tiger’s milk is also enhanced with soy accents.

Ajo blanco with grapes, almonds and dry sherry

Blanching garlic cloves multiple times in hot water removes the germ, the centre sprout that lends the cold soup a bitter quality if left intact. Stale bread makes for better textured and flavoured breadcrumbs – at least two days old is ideal.

Anchor grilled t-bone steak with bone marrow custard

Serve this handsome cut of meat with bone marrow that’s coddled into a wobbly custard.

Liver ngoh hiang

Traditional variants of this meat roll typically include liver for an earthier, creamier filling.

Beet-cured salmon bagel with herbed cream cheese and gold leaf

When you’re up so late brokering a business deal and it’s a few hours before breakfast. Offset the ruby-hued lox with gold leaf for an added touch of luxe.

Salt-baked flower crab in lotus leaf

Before crabs came doused in chilli and salted egg yolk sauces, they were simply encased in salt and baked. The hard outer crust traps the crab’s natural juices within, while the lotus leaf adds an unbeatable fragrance – a tried-and-true Teochew classic.

Pan-fried barramundi with pickled chilli sauce

Marinate the chillies overnight with rice vinegar and salt for a piquant yet fiery sauce to perk up the flaky white fish.



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