Gambero Rosso Ceviche, Parsley, Artichoke, Sorrel

The crunch of crisped artichocke and Granny Smith-like tanginess of red veined sorrel pair well with the natural sweetness and supple texture of prawns. The parsley element lightens the dish and harmonises with the artichoke.

Braised Veal Tongue / Castelfranco Radicchio / Tagiasce Olive Tortellini

The combination of brininess from Tagiasce olives, bitterness from castelfranco radicchio and umami from veal tongue makes for a flavour party on the palate.

Corrupted Cobbler

There’s been a resurgence of Cobbler cocktails in popular bar culture. Don Amado Rustico Mezcal and Amontillado Sherry are a great match, with the nutty caramel notes of the latter marrying seamlessly with mezcal’s smokiness to create a lasting finish. Cobblers are commonly topped with decorative powdered sugar – here, absinthe dust adds aroma and flavour.

Succulents and cement cake

Like succulents and industrial-style home accents, herb-flavoured desserts – which are often overlooked in favour of more traditional fruit or chocolate flavours – are currently having their moment in the spotlight.

Heirloom Baby Carrots and grapefruit ‘terrine’

This refreshing creation is sure to whet your appetite. Grapefruit adds little punches of bittersweetness to this delicate, vegetarian ‘terrine’ of purple, yellow and orange baby carrots.

Cranberry and walnut scones

Something fruity and nutty and a classic treat to herald the Christmas holiday.

Mediterranean seafood salad

Kick off the feast with a cool and refreshing seafood medley typical of Tuscany – it also makes for a splendid display on the Christmas dinner table. Sweet and creamy cannellini beans balance the dish’s briny flavours.

Amaretti cookies with mascarpone cream

Amaretti cookies is perhaps Sardinia’s answer to macaron. Also made with ground almonds and sugar, amaretti cookies are dome-shaped treats with crisp exteriors and chewy insides. For a crunchier texture is desired, one could store the freshly-baked biscuits in an airtight container for two days.

Fresh fruit sugar-free popsicles

To satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt, skip the candy and chocolates and reach instead for these icy treats with vibrant and refreshing flavour combinations. A perfect perk-me-up for hot summery days.



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