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epicure 1 March 2011

Miele and epicure invite you to share the family recipes that are most dear to your heart. Submit your favourite family recipe and tell us in 50 words or less, the personal history or story behind it.

For many, the link between home cooked food and loved ones is an indelible one. This instinctive connection has been suitably encapsulated by Miele, in a collection of cherished family recipes. Heritage Feasts is a 217-page compendium of culinary memories replete with 59 recipes contributed by 30 of Singapore’s key personalities including Ivan Heng, founding artistic director of W!ld Rice; respected criminal lawyer, Subhas Anandan; and Dr Caroline Low-Heah, senior physician of Raffles HealthScreeners & Raffles Aesthetics.

Breathing life into the featured mouthwatering dishes are heartfelt stories of accomplished milestones and bittersweet memories. Anandan’s contribution, Dry Mutton Curry, was handed down from his mother to her two daughters and daughter-in-law before she passed away. “I remember my mother through food, through the cooking of my sisters and my wife,” affirms Anandan.

Ivan Heng says he “craved the soul food at home” so much while living in London, he had to call his mother for cooking tips. “At $2.60 a minute, those were expensive recipes,” he recalls. He shares his grandmother’s satay chicken in this book, a birthday staple of his. “She’d prepare that because she knew it’s my favourite. My heritage is very different from anyone else’s. As teenagers, we run from and reject our heritage and culture. But one day, we stop running and realise that our heritage is there for us. It’s a gift to be valued.”

Send your recipe submissions and a personal history or story behind it (50 words or less) to epicure@epicureasia.com. Closing date is 10 March. Two winners will each receive a copy of Heritage Feasts. We will also publish the two best entries and corresponding recipes in the May issue of epicure.

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