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Masterclass: Tomahawk steak and osso bucco

epicure 28 April 2017

Hosting a meat lover’s dinner party? Impress your guests with these hunky masterpieces, as demonstrated by Diego Chiarini, Italian executive chef and owner of Oso Ristorante.

A tomahawk steak isn’t the first meat dish that comes to a home cook’s mind when hosting a party. But if there are meat-lovers on your guest list, what better choice to impress than with a hefty, show-stopping tomahawk steak. Named for its resemblance to the tomahawk axe, the tomahawk steak typically weighs between 1.5kg and 1.9kg and is essentially bone-in rib-eye cut from the fore rib, with the entire rib bone left on. “This is a very popular item on our menu at Oso and Grillery, and it’s enough to feed four people if you’re having other dishes as well. What I enjoy about the tomahawk is that there is quite a bit of meat around the bone and that is the tastiest part,” says Chiarini.


Excerpt from the May 2017 issue of epicure.

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