Bringing up the past

The Timothy Oulton showroom is about sophisticated nostalgia that evokes the heydays of Old Britannia.

He’s got pluck

Trading a less than glamorous life in Austria for the glitz and bright lights in the land of the free, Wolfgang Puck counts steadfast resolve as the catalyst to his illustrious success.

Spotlight on: Eli Kirshtein

One of the last five contestants standing in the sixth season of Top Chef, Eli Kirshtein recently made his first trip to Singapore for a guest stint at Krish. He talks to epicure about the highs and lows of reality TV and how he became known as ‘the chef that saved Spidey’.

‘Best ham in the world’ debuts at Santi

There is jamón ibérico and then there is Joselito’s jamón ibérico. Derived from acorn-fed black Salamanican pigs and cured for at least three years, the superior delicacy is proof that pata negra by any other name would not taste as sweet.

Epicure’s cover contest

Cast your vote by May 10th! Simply log on to http://on.fb.me/epicurecovercontest, click on your favourite cover image and TELL US IN 15 WORDS OR LESS why you like it. One winner will be selected from the cover with the highest number of comments.

Best tom yum soups in Singapore

This ubiquitous spiced soup transcends cultural differences. Here are our favourites.

Playing with reality

The Griffins’ Steakhouse in Stockholm blurs the line between fact and fiction by letting imaginary characters shape its design.

White sovereign

Widely regarded as a harbinger of spring in Europe, the prized white cousin of the green asparagus tantalises with its delicate taste and texture.

Lending Japan a helping hand

Do-gooders in the restaurant industry have lobbied together to raise funds for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. Here’s how you can do your part.



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