Christmas feasting

Can’t decide where to head to this festive season? Check out Lawry’s for a hearty five-course meal on Christmas Eve, which includes its signature dish, Roasted Prime Ribs of Beef.

Cinematic treats

The next time you pop into Shaw House for a movie, skip the insipid popcorn-nacho combo and opt for gourmet bites at Cine Cafe which include chilli con carne hot dogs, cheesy fries and thick chilli crab toast.

Sharp picks

An all-rounder for professional and hobby cooks, the perfect chef’s knife chops, slices and dices with ease. Here are the ones that made the cut.

Best duck confit in Singapore

A traditional mainstay of French bistro menus, the best renditions showcase an amazingly crispy skin and succulent flesh.

The 4cs

Go all out to create a decadent evening to remember. Tip: get these four showstoppers ready—caviars, crustaceans, champagnes and cheeses.

The final act

After 16 years of helming his eponymous restaurant at l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, Philippe Rochat is ready to retire. Just before curtain falls, he gives his first and last culinary performance in Singapore.

Spotlight on: Ian Kittichai

Fate seemed to have other ideas for the man who had no intention of ever being a chef. The Golden Boy of Thai cuisine recounts his humble beginnings as a pushcart peddler in Bangkok, and his fast track up the culinary ladder.

Quest for the best

A dining experience at the new Rakuzen reveals clean, pure flavours thanks to a twice-weekly import of sashimi from Ishikawa and Kagawa prefectures, and brown rice sourced from Akita, which is freshly milled on premises.

Best sticky date pudding in Singapore

This classic British dessert is seemingly simple to execute. But it requires the right amount of moisture, density and sweetness. Here are the ones who aced our test.



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