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Gik Blue Wine

June Lee 9 January 2018

Ring in 2018 with a taste of something new.

Launched in 2016, Gik Blue Wine finally hit Singapore with Chikin yakitori bar one of the first to serve it. The Spanish creators of Gik claim that the wine is made from a mix of red and white grapes (such as Syrah, Grenache and Macabeo), with indigo and anthocyanin (from grape skins) used to colour it. At just 11.5%, the wine is a vivid, clear blue that may look more like a cocktail in your glass (Chikin uses it for jellies and cocktails too). On the palate, it’s lightly sweet with a slight dryness, and citrusy fruity flavour reminiscent of chewing gum or watermelon. $20/glass or $90 (dine in) from Chikin

Excerpt from the the January 2018 issue of epicure.

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