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epicure 1 February 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo is on a quest to share the beauty of his birth region with the rest of the world, and he is doing it through wine, not fashion.

For someone blessed with such a distinctive and illustrious surname, and born into a family that is one of the most iconic fashion houses in Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo doesn’t want to talk about the fashion business.

“Fashion and wine may be related because fashion changes seasonally and each vintage is different. However, in wine, you work in collaboration with nature. At Il Borro, we do draw from our fashion know-how and try to make wine a lifestyle,” he said, a well-rehearsed answer to a question he must have been asked many times.

When the interview turned to the trodden path into the technicalities of wine—a subject often reserved for winemakers—his eyes lit up. He shared, “I have always been inspired by Château Haut-Brion, since an uncle who lives in New York shared with me his special bottle over a pasta lunch when I was a teenager. This wine has always been my benchmark.”

Excerpt from the February issue of epicure

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