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epicure 31 October 2010

Our favourite hidden watering hole to be.

The find: Malt Vault
What is it:
Hidden in the basement of Screening Room, the Malt Vault doesn’t appeal to everyone—don’t come in here and order a glass of Glenmorangie 18-year-old, you won’t find it. But owner Mike Soldner isn’t too concerned. Soldner sells only whiskies drawn from hand-selected, individual casks from Scotland’s distilleries: each limited bottle of whisky is inked with the distillery’s details, bottle number and cask strength. And the spirit is uncoloured and unfiltered to preserve its purity.

Try: Malt Vault owns all the remaining bottles from cask number 779 ($877 per bottle) from North Port, a defunct distillery, which closed in 1983. Soldner secured that particular cask’s spirit—distilled in 1981—and had it bottled by independent bottler Duncan Taylor in 2008, before shipping the aged malt to Singapore. The Blair Athol 29-year-old ($813 per bottle), distilled in 1977 and bottled in 2006, is another example of the bar’s old gems.

Who should go: Adventurous malt drinkers and discerning collectors will find this joint a refreshing alternative from other whisky bars.

No. 12 Ann Siang Road. Tel: 90263466

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