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The best of cocktails, chocolate and cognac

Esther Lew 2 July 2020

Jigger & Pony presents the first of its limited-edition cocktail- and chocolate-pairing series.

A new Collaboration Series with Chef Janice Wong and Rémy Martin is now available for a limited period while supplies last. It is a celebration of local talent by Asia’s best bar, and emphasises Jigger & Pony’s focus on drawing inspiration from craftsmen beyond the bartending world.

The first in the series features a bottled Shiraz Manhattan (450 ml) with Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac, Cinzano Rosso vermouth, shiraz essence and amaretto crafted by Jigger & Pony’s award-winning bar team. A lighter twist on the classic Manhattan, the spirit-forward cocktail has a tinge of sweetness with a slightly tannic aftertaste. Also celebrating local talent, the label for the bottle was designed by Singaporean artist Samantha Kwan

The cocktail pairs with colourful chocolates from Chef Janice Wong, with each treat featuring different percentages of cacao and alcohol to give a fun and unique tasting experience. The five featured flavours include Cinnamon Rum, Passionfruit Calamansi Cointreau, Maple Cinzano Bianco, Almond Coffee Grappa and Whisky Orange.

Available for purchase while supplies last through Jigger & Pony’s online shop, Janice Wong’s online shop, or in-venue at Humpback and Caffe Fernet (S$98 before GST).



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