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Happy Hour: Stir up some Sea Sparkle

June Lee 26 June 2020

Martina Breznanova from The Gibson in London creates some of the best martinis in the world, and here’s one for you.

Martina Breznanova, bar manager of The Gibson in London, brought her mesmerising martinis to Nutmeg & Clove in 2019, and we were pleased to capture this one exclusively for epicure readers. Although the number of ingredients may deviate from the standard dry martini, this creation cleverly balances all the complementing elements while also creating a visually stunning drink that’s stiff and complex. Don’t be intimidated by the steps, it’s not as hard as it looks – and the results are worth it.

40ml KI NO BI Gin
7.5ml shiso leaf sake
12.5ml dry vermouth
4 dashes of absinthe
10ml salted mineral water

Infusion for carbonation
3bsp pickled green and 2bsp pink peppercorns
6 pickled caper berry leaves
2bsp algae (seaweed)

sea sponge macerated in dry vermouth
balsamic caviar

shiso leaf sake
Infuse 5 leaves into one 720ml bottle

– Place all liquid ingredients into a Soda Stream bottle, then add the infusion ingredients.

– Charge the bottle with 3-4 pieces of dry ice pellets to add carbonation. The idea is to create a dry/slightly salty style of martini with very gentle bubbles. These bubbles are to uplift the flavour of cocktail and also to make it feel lighter in alcohol.

– Serve in a well-chilled coupette glass. Garnish with sea sponge and balsamic ‘caviar’. For an alternative to balsamic caviar, use tapioca pearls infused in balsamic vinegar.

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