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Happy Hour: Smoke up a cocktail for Father’s Day

June Lee 19 June 2020

Richard Li of BeGin Bar uses a smoke bubble gun to inject some fun into this Negroni.

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, and if your man of the house enjoys a bit of fun with cocktails, then here’s one to attempt. Giniversity’s hemp hearts gin is a gutsy, grassy creation that bar manager Richard Li cleverly pairs with floral vermouth and a unique homemade tincture in place of bitters – the grassy, minty shiso is the ideal rounding agent. On top of that, Li infuses more smokiness and a fun visual element with a Flavour Blaster, the first in Singapore, to place a bubble of rosemary scented smoke on top of the glass. You can torch a rosemary sprig to achieve the same note at home.


30ml Giniversity Smoked Hemp gin
20ml Campari
20ml Cocchi Rosa

5ml shiso tincture

shiso leaf, for garnish

torched sprig of rosemary, for garnish (if desired)


  • Add all liquids into a mixing glass over ice and stir till well chilled.
  • Strain contents into a rocks glass, and top with garnishes.


shiso tincture

50ml shiso leaves

50ml high proof spirit such as vodka


Combine ingredients in a sealed glass jar and store in cool dark place for three weeks, giving it an occasional shake. Strain the results through a sieve or coffee filter.






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