Chapter Dining & Grill – An Enchanting Feast For All Senses



Vietnamese Contemporary Dining with a focus on Charcoal Grill Technique, offering exclusively Storytelling Tasting menus.

, Chapter Dining & Grill – An Enchanting Feast For All Senses

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, Chapter Dining & Grill has emerged as a hidden gem in the realm of Vietnamese Contemporary Dining. Each dish serves as a captivating chapter in a gastronomic tale, a symphony of flavors that dances on the palate, unfolding a meticulously crafted journey with an infusion of love that transcends the plate.

, Chapter Dining & Grill – An Enchanting Feast For All Senses

With a continuous unique culinary inspiration of “Fire – Charcoal – Smoke”, Chapter Dining shines a spotlight on distinctive grilling techniques, particularly the use of charcoal. This age-old technique finds new life in the contemporary context, breathing new vitality into Vietnamese cuisine. Under the guidance of Chef Quang Dũng, the essence of the Northern regions’ mastery of flames is harnessed to infuse dishes with depth and complexity, creating a bridge between tradition and modernity.

The prime flame-grilled cuisine has inspired both the exterior and interior design of Chapter Dining. Chapter embodies a balance of strength and elegance in its design style, harmoniously incorporating natural materials, such as raw iron, rough wood, textured stone blocks, and gracefully curved corten steel in various unique forms. The impressive architecture and interior not only attract passers-by, but have also been honored with the LIV Hospitality Design Awards in the “Interior Dining and Eating Space” category in 2022.

, Chapter Dining & Grill – An Enchanting Feast For All Senses

At Chapter Dining, it is not merely about what is on the plate; it is about engaging with a narrative that awakens the senses. From the first glimpse to the final savoring, the chefs artfully paint a canvas of taste, inviting diners to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience. This season, Chapter Dining unveils “The Campfire” menu, taking you on a journey to the breathtaking mountains of Northern Vietnam. The journey begins at the coastal area and gradually meanders deeper into the land and forests. Along the way, diners discover the freshest ingredients, the most aromatic spices, and the purest herbs that beckon to the heart of the forest. The crackling of a campfire, the ambiance of love in the air, and the flavors of nature itself come alive on the plate.

The camping trip becomes more exciting as the chefs skillfully employ simple cooking techniques such as grilling over a wood fire, indirect heat cooking, and hot stone grilling. Additionally, the aesthetic aspect is emphasized through decor and plating style inspired by campfires. Fresh ingredients vividly portray a picture of beautiful nature, with the pink hues of flowers and the green shades of leaves. Unique “frames” are thoughtfully chosen to create appropriate shapes, using materials like bamboo tubes, straw, rattan, stone plates, and more, prompting you to envision scenes amidst high mountains and vast oceans.

, Chapter Dining & Grill – An Enchanting Feast For All Senses

Embarking on this exhilarating camping journey, Chapter equips you with a “Camping Guide” filled with North-inspired culinary tales and insights gathered from camping. But it doesn’t end there; an exclusive map in your hands unveils unexplored discoveries. Indulge in ten exceptional dishes at each destination, forged from nature’s treasures. The restaurant’s ambassadors (FOH) reveal origins, ingredients, and unique preparations through food cards, enhancing authenticity. Culminate the journey with tableside marshmallow toasting and a “treasure hunt.” Stepping into Chapter Dining’s campfire journey is like going on a camping trip that takes you from one unique experience to another, curating a memorable journey – an expedition teeming with a myriad of wonders, each stop marking a new milestone, and each dish carrying flavors that the diners have yet to consume.

, Chapter Dining & Grill – An Enchanting Feast For All Senses

In addition to serving a delectable food tasting menu, Chapter elevates the dining experience to new heights. Here, non-alcohol and alcohol pairings like white wine, rosé wine, or any tropical cocktail of summer season are provided to lock in the flavor of the dish, while adding intricate texture to new tastes.

As affirmed by the Michelin Selected 2023 recognition, Chapter Dining has become a culinary destination that awakens the senses and captivates the heart, redefining the landscape of Vietnamese dining.





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