Amber Kampot invites you for an invigorating salt therapy session at Amber Spa



Elevate your experience and unlock the ancient healing power of salt therapy on your wellness journey at Amber Spa by Amber Kampot.

Amber Spa is introducing its revolutionary Halotherapy treatment, a pioneering advancement in wellness experiences. A first of its kind in Amber Kampot, Halotherapy or salt therapy is an extraordinary breakthrough in alternative medicine.

Whisk your loved ones away on a luxurious wellness journey while in Cambodia with the merit of salt. By utilising the unique properties of salt, it offers an exceptional opportunity to revitalise and renew the body.

Healing by Salt at Amber Kampot

Salt Therapy at Amber Spa by Amber Kampot
The healing power of salt

Salt therapy has an illustrious historical lineage, tracing its roots to ancient Greece, where salt caves were revered as sanctuaries of healing. A significant breakthrough occurred in the mid-19th century when Dr Felix Bochkowsky discovered the profound well-being advantages experienced by miners exposed to salt over extended periods in salt mines.

This pivotal revelation led to the establishment of the world’s first health facility dedicated to respiratory ailments and holistic wellness in Poland. The treatment is renowned for its transformative properties, effectively purging the lungs of bacteria, irritants, and pollutants while mitigating inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Furthermore, it nourishes the skin, promoting rejuvenation and overall well-being. Therefore, Amber Kampot believes that incorporating Halotherapy in its spa treatment will encourage the numerous benefits of the mineral while providing an elevated experience.

The Salt Room at Amber Spa

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting ambience of the Salt Room, where a mesmerising sight unfolds. Magnificent Himalayan Pink Salt crystals from a prehistoric sea dating back 250 million years grace the walls with grandeur. Forged under immense pressure over the ages, these precious minerals form remarkable crystalline structures.

Himalayan Salt contains over eighty essential minerals and elements, untainted by toxins or pollutants. The captivating pink hue, derived from its high iron oxide content, enhances the therapeutic experience and captivates the senses, creating an unforgettable journey of rejuvenation and serenity.

Amber Spa by Amber Kampot
Amber Spa by Amber Kampot’s treatment room

Amber Spa has introduced the Halotherapy Salt Generator, an advanced system that consistently produces salt particles as small as 0.3 microns. Delighting in the serene atmosphere of the salt-infused chamber, guests partake in a blissful thirty-minute Sea Salt Therapy session, inhaling the delicate salt particles permeating the air.

This specially designed microenvironment ensures extensive distribution of the particles, reaching even the tiniest bronchial tubes and alveoli in the lungs. The resulting therapeutic benefits are unmatched, providing relief without any respiratory tract irritation.

Salt Therapy at Amber Spa by Amber Kampot
A glimpse of the interior at Amber Spa by Amber Kampot

With affordability in mind, the price for a forty-five-minute salt therapy session at Amber Spa by Amber Kampot is thoughtfully set at a mere US $30. Immerse yourself in Halotherapy while exploring the innovative salt treatment, accompanied by a meticulously curated set menu featuring culinary creations infused with Himalayan Salt through the Amber Salt Sommelier Package priced at a rate of US $429.

This package encompasses a lavish one-night stay in a luxurious pool villa, inclusive of breakfast for two. Delight in a serene thirty-minute session in the Salt Room, followed by an exquisite four-course lunch or dinner. All-inclusive, the package covers taxes and service charges, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for guests.

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