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Small town appeal

epicure 1 March 2017

Brisbane has evolved from sleepy to bustling in a matter of years, and will soon rival the foodie destinations of Sydney and Melbourne. Drew Nocente shares how to eat through the city, plus why his hometown of Stanthorpe is worth a visit.

For me, home is in Stanthorpe, a small Australian country town through and through. I returned last October to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. I rarely go back, so it was fantastic to be able to spend a weekend with my whole family. You don’t necessarily appreciate Stanthorpe’s beauty until you move away. I feel really lucky to have felt completely safe in my hometown – I can swim in a creek, get out of the house for fresh fruit and vegetables, or go hunting and dirt biking on a whim. You can’t get this security in a city.


Excerpt from the March 2017 issue of epicure.

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