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Beyond currywursts and döners

epicure 4 August 2015

Berlin is now seeing a surge of street food markets and fairs, which is a boon for both chefs and diners.

It’s 7pm on a cold March Thursday evening in Berlin and the crowds are in full force at Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun (‘market hall nine’ in German), spilling out onto the sidewalks flanking the hall entrance. The air might have been chilly but the people were chatting, laughing, and generally being happy – the kind of happiness one only attains after being well fed and suitably intoxicated.

Past the doors of the market hall, the roar of the crowd is egged on by a medley of food being prepared – noodles blanched, smoked and cured meats cut, craft beers poured, and wine bottles opened. There are over 30 different street food vendors gathered in the cavernous market hall, selling a wide array of food from international cuisines – think Laotian noodles, Taiwanese steamed pork buns, British pies, Indian curries, et al. No doubt, if you are a foodie in Berlin, this will be your happy place.


Excerpt from the August 2015 issue of epicure.

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