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epicure 30 June 2014

Combining luxury and philanthropy, Iniala brings a refreshing and opulent experience to tired Phuket.

While Iniala offers activities such as elephantriding, deep sea fishing and forest walks to its guests, a stay here is intended to be as self-contained as possible, with a library, art gallery featuring renowned Southeast Asian artists, and a gym offering Muay Thai and personal training sessions in addition to the usual weights and cardio equipment. Each three-bedroom villa is also a mini resort unto itself, with an indoor and outdoor dining area, private pool and devoted spa facility with resident therapists. Iniala even offers a standalone Kids’ Hotel, a hotel in the truest sense with actual beds, as well as three minders around the clock, a devoted kitchen with a chef, and cupboards full of toys and costumes.

Excerpt from the July 2014 issue of epicure.

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