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Ama(n)zing Greece

epicure 30 May 2014

Amanzo’e resort in the little-known Peloponnese is setting a different standard for Greece. Discover the new Greek chic and finds out that even the locals feel a wind of change.

They call it the mythical heart of Greece. Another world, or even better, a patchwork of colossal mountains carpeted with low green shrubs and wild flower meadows. Where oak, olive and pine trees surround coastal valleys and loom above rocky shores and sandy beaches. The Peloponnese dangles like a giant leaf from the stem of the Corinthian Isthmus as if it could be blown away any second. Blown away from worldly problems, crises and turbulent Athens, which is just one and a half hours drive away. The Peloponnese is a forgotten region, off the tourist radar, a place where up until now, only Greece connoisseurs were likely to travel to.

Excerpt from the June 2014 issue of epicure.

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