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Peru delights

epicure 29 January 2014

For London-based chef Martin Morales, the colourful and friendly city of Arequipa in Peru always leaves him feeling at home in more ways than one.

The Yanahuara suburb, which is home to many offices, is underrated, and worth checking out. It also has a beautiful square. Don’t forget to buy a queso helado, popularly known as a cheese ice cream, from one of the female vendors in the streets. There is, however, no cheese in this yellowish dessert: a mixture of condensed milk and unsweetened evaporated milk is turned into shaved ice before it is sprinkled with some cinnamon powder.

In Yanahuara, you should have lunch at La Nueva Palomino, a picanteria or traditional eatery that serves Arequipan cuisine. One of their specialities ischupe—a hearty, spicy stew made with river prawns or crayfish—which you can also find in many picanterias in the city. The lechón al horno or slow-roasted pork is also worth trying.

Excerpt from the February 2014 issue of epicure.

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