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Living on the waterfront

epicure 29 November 2013

The scenic backdrops, excellent local produce and enjoyable thermal springs of Lake Garda combine to give chef Denis Lucchi an excellent package for a truly blissful retreat.

Apart from sardines and trout, coregone or European whitefish, is a popular catch from Lake Garda and can be found in many restaurants around the region. It has a little muddy taste, and it’s usually grilled. Al Marinaio restaurant in Gargnano’s harbour of Bogliaco is famous for their grilled coregone, which they also serve as polpettine or meatballs.

Northern Italy is famous for its cheeses, and you should definitely try them at one of the many family-run cheese farms’ shops or ask for them in the local restaurants. Not far from the lake is the town of Bagolino, which produces the famous Bagoss, a strong cheese that is made from the raw milk of Bruno Alpina cows. The cheese has to be matured for at least 12 months, after which it has a hard texture reminiscent of Grana Padano. Tremosine, another nearby commune, makes the famous Formagella di Tremosine, a soft, cow cheese with a gentle fragrance.

Excerpt from the December 2013 issue of epicure.

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