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epicure 28 September 2012

These days, it’s all about the fun and adventure that camping brings, but minus the grime, unpredictable weather, and bathroom nightmares.

Shelter Co.
If you want to throw a party at an off the beaten track location, Shelter Co. probably has just what you are looking for. Co-founder Kelsey Sheofsky observed that many travellers were seeking beautiful places to celebrate momentous occasions so the idea of bringing the celebration outside sprung to mind. The company is able bring any party to the outdoors, creating host sites for pop-up high-end camping. Campsites will feature fully furnished European-style canvas tents, beds and bathrooms that are styled in a minimalist fashion in line with the nostalgic simplicity of summer camping. Partners to some of the most scenic spots in California, you will also find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, towering trees, dry fallen leaves and lakes.

Rates from USD 750 per weekend (S$935)

Four Seasons Tented Camp, Golden Triangle, Thailand
At first glance, the tents at Four Seasons Tented Camp are reminiscent of 19th century adventure expedition shelters. But look inside and you’ll find rustic looking interiors decked out in leather furniture and hardwood floors. Honeymooning couples will take to the open bathroom facilities, which feature a two-person hand-hammered copper bathtub in the middle of the tent. For those who wish to be closer to nature, an outdoor rain shower is also available. As the camp is located at the Golden Triangle at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers, the view cannot get any more picturesque. Double the fun and go trekking elephants, a service that Four Seasons provides and an activity that being in an area where there is lush jungle and mountain trails enables.

Rates from THB 79,000 per night (S$3,145)

Excerpt from the October issue of epicure.


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