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Me@OUE: new menu and wine pairing programme

epicure 8 January 2018

With a new menu and wine pairing programme, Me@OUE is set to take dining to new heights, together with their amazing view of Marina Bay Sands.

Set against a stunning backdrop of Marina Bay, Me@OUE is Singapore’s only open-concept restaurant serving up Japanese, French and Chinese cuisines all under one roof. This year, executive chef Sam Chin will continue to impress his patrons with new dishes using rare and exotic ingredients to deliver the harmonious balance of flavours that his plates are well known for.

Executive chef Sam Chin

Chin is also committed to sourcing seasonal produce from local suppliers as much as possible, presenting diners with exciting menu options. “To meet the demands of our younger, well-travelled and discerning clientele, we have created menus which can be complemented with a superb selection of wines, whiskies and sakes,” he says.

Sommelier Joel Lim

A highlight of the new year will be sommelier Joel Lim’s comprehensive Wine By The Glass pairing option, which consists of a sake, a Champagne, three whites, three reds, one Rosé, a dry German Riesling, two Spanish sherries, and a late bottled vintage Port wine from Portugal. Says Lim, “More and more wine producers are taking the more traditional approach to viticulture and the natural vinification process to showcase the best of their crops. Apart from stocking wines from producers like A.A. Badenhorst (South Africa) and Philippe Bonard (Jura), wine aficionados can also look forward to more elegant bottles of Beaujolais from producers like Jean Louis Dutraive and Marcel Lapierre.”

Sake lovers can also look forward to Lim’s sake list featuring only artisanal sake brewers, to complement the Japanese cuisine offered at Me@OUE. OUE Bayfront Rooftop, 50 Collyer Quay. Tel: 6634 4555

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