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Mee Siam with California Raisins

epicure 30 June 2017

Slurp up with mod-Sin chef Shen Tan’s take on the popular tangy noodle dish with California Raisins.

mee siam
100g rice vermicelli
50g beansprouts
300g prawns, blanched and peeled
1 large firm beancurd, cut into 3-cm slices
5 stalks Chinese chives
1 hard-boiled egg
beancurd puff 

california raisin rempah
80g California Natural Raisins
40g dried chilli powder
10g fennel seeds
10g Singaporean curry powder
7 cloves garlic
80g dried prawns
350g soybean paste 
250ml water

120g California Natural Raisins
2.8 litres water
380g tamarind pulp (mixed together with water and strain)
200ml coconut cream
220g sugar
10g salt
120g ground peanuts

Blend all the ingredients for the California Raisin Rempah together into a fine paste.
 Mix the tamarind pulp together with water and strain. Add sugar and salt and boil. Add the rempah to the tamarind mixture, followed by the coconut cream and peanuts. Bring to a boil.
 Stir fry the rice vermicelli with the bean sprouts and the gravy until dry. Garnish with tau pok, eggs, prawns, firm tofu and chives.

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