Drink, taste, learn: Illy opens University of Coffee in Singapore



Professionals and coffee connoisseurs can now sign up for courses at the training hub

So you love your coffee. But do you really know your coffee? Do you know your Arabica from your Robusta? Or the type of roasts, flavour profiles and brewing methods? 

, Drink, taste, learn: Illy opens University of Coffee in Singapore

If you are a coffee lover or even a professional barista, perhaps it’s time to delve more into the science and art of coffee at Illycaffe’s University of Coffee. The Italian coffee company has just set up the Singapore campus where, according to director Moreno Faina, it “aims to continue to promote sustainable coffee culture worldwide both by training the operators who process raw materials and by supporting consumers in learning more.”

It’s a training hub – the 26th branch worldwide and the seventh in Asia after Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo – that offers courses for both professionals and consumers.

There are various training paths to suit different needs. Available both in-person and online, the Singapore campus currently offers five courses taught by certified docents (although the university also offers Higher Education and specialised training courses, including Master’s degree in Coffee Economics and Science based in Italy). Courses last from a few hours to a few days.

, Drink, taste, learn: Illy opens University of Coffee in Singapore
Train your senses with Illy’s Aroma Kit

Hospitality professionals will get to know the unique Illy blend and learn about the processing of raw materials, while consumers will get a closer look at the world of coffee with practical demonstrations and tastings. Courses like Espresso and Cappuccino Excellence will teach participants how to brew a perfect espresso and master their frothing skills, while Coffee Expert will introduce the world of coffee from plant to cup, including learning the difference between various coffee beans through tasting and cupping, and the alternative ways of brewing coffee. There are also practical sessions on espresso brewing and grinder setting. 

Illy university of coffee
Aromas of Coffee course in progress

Other courses for consumers include the Aromas of Coffee, a fun two-hour session that involves the senses of smell and taste; Slow Preparations that teaches how to perfectly brew your cup of coffee with the Chemex, V60, Moka pot, Syphon and Aeropress; and Latte Art.

For enquiries or to sign up for the programmes, email unicaffe@euraco.com.sg.





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