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The meanest new burger in town

epicure 23 February 2015

Restaurateur Michel Lu aims to make his new joint Wildfire Kitchen and Bar "the best burger bar in the world".

Michel Lu has great ambitions for his new burger joint Wildfire. He wants to turn it into the "best burger bar in the world" and the place he'd most like to beat is Blacows in Tokyo, which employs only black Japanese wagyu in its patties.

At Wildfire, there are two premium buns of note: a full-blood Australian wagyu and a 120-day aged Rangers Valley Angus beef burger (both $26).  Like the regular buns, which include a basic 180g patty of grain-fed Australian beef, they're grilled over binchotan charcoal (as opposed to a regular hotplate griddle) for unbeatable smoky goodness. 

And while the buns are not made by Maison Kayser like they are at Blacows, they're crafted by Christophe Grilo's B.A.O (Bakery Artisan Original). The brioche holds up extremely well against the fillings without turning soggy. (Lu has plans to introduce poppy seed buns as soon as he gets the necesssary approval).

26 Evans Road. Prices from $16 for a classic burger.

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