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Grocers gone virtual

epicure 23 February 2015

Browse, click and pay. These days, anything can be purchased online, from almost any part of the world.

It is no surprise that online services offering anything from fresh organic produce to precise meal ingredients—many without a brick-and-mortar presence—have been bookmarked by savvy shoppers. Here's a roundup of some of these new-age grocers.

1. SuperNature Online (www.supernature.com.sg)
Great for: baby needs, organic produce, premium natural cosmetics and supplements.

2. Crateful (www.crateful.com.sg)
Great for: a one-stop shop for food items from local producers the likes of Eastern Granola, The Hunters' Kitchenette, and Mofo Chili.

3. The Cheese Artisans (www.cheeseartisans.com.sg)
Great for: new and first-in-Singapore cheeses such as the La Oveja Negra Curado (six-month Manchego made of black ewe’s milk).

4. Zairyo (www.zairyo.sg)
Great for: quality and speciality Japanese produce, such as Kyoto Matcha Jam and Fundokin Yuzu Kosho (Yuzu Citrus Paste).

5. Cheftains (www.cheftains.com)
Great for: ready-to-cook gourmet meals that are delivered to your doorstep. The freshly pre-portioned ingredients are delivered with step-by-step instructions, and dishes such as Carecci’s Salmone al Caviale Tartufato (pan-seared salmon with black truffle caviar) can be cooked within 45 minutes.

6. Hamperly (www.hamperly.com.sg)
Great for: a stellar selection of Italian wines and gourmet produce such as pastas, chocolates, spices and balsamic vinegars. Opt for express two-hour delivery in a pinch, otherwise the incredibly speedy delivery takes place within a day.

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