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Pandan perfect

epicure 23 February 2015

Ding Dong's head bartender Kamil Foltan infuses strong local flavours to create a palatable liquid version of kueh salat.

kueh blanco
50ml glutinous rice tequila
30ml coconut cream
20ml pandan syrup
10ml fresh lime juice

pandan syrup
To extract pandan essence, use approximately 15 leaves in good condition and cut them into 3cm-long pieces, making sure to rid the leaves of mud and grime in water before blending them with 100ml of water. Strain the extract from the shredded pandan leaves with a cheese cloth. Combine in a 1:1 ratio with rich sugar syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water). The syrup will keep for up to a week in the fridge.

glutinuous rice tequila
Take 3 parts blanco tequila such as ArteNom Selection de 1580, add 1 part glutinous rice and leave to infuse overnight, shaking the airtight container occasionally. The mixture will keep in a tightly sealed container for up to three weeks in the fridge. Tequila is made from agave, and its honeyed, citrusy and pineapple notes go well with the glutinous rice—the results would be harsher if vodka or gin is used.

  • Add all ingredients into a Boston Shaker and shake vigorously with ice.
  • Double strain the contents to keep out unwanted ice shards which cause further dilution into a masu (wooden square sake cup) and serve.
  • Garnish with a folded pandan leaf, for extra aroma on the nose.

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