It’s a piece of cake! Here’s how to start baking at home, with help from Kenwood

Priyanka Elhence


Begin your baking journey with Kenwood's 360 Baking Support so you can start whipping up delicious cakes, breads and cookies

Feeling a little intimidated to start your baking journey? There’s nothing to it because baking couldn’t be any easier, now with Kenwood’s newly launched 360 Baking Support

Kenwood’s comprehensive and easy to use support programme has been specially designed with new bakers in mind to keep them covered 360 for each bake. Whether you prefer help through a live advisor, free workshops, recipe ideas or even a special upgrade programme, there’s something to truly suit your needs. (And with a Kenwood Stand Mixer being sold every three seconds, you know you’re in good hands when you are supported by an entire community of enthusiastic bakers.)

Kenwood 360 offers four main support features to give every baker confidence to start their bake with Kenwood anytime.

, It’s a piece of cake! Here’s how to start baking at home, with help from Kenwood 

1. Personalised sessions

Get access to a personalised baking and product session with Kenwood Chef Partners, SSA,Chef Ryan Khang and Chef Maria to kick-start your exciting baking journey. General baking tips, baking advice or even just product advice for your stand/hand mixer, it’s all here.

2. Free online workshops

Sharpen your culinary skills with exciting workshops in collaboration with established chefs in the region. New bakers can get a confident headstart to their baking journey with a complimentary 1.5 hour long workshop on baking fundamentals including tips on how to optimise your Kenwood appliance(s).

3. Easy Mixer Upgrade

If you have purchased a Kenwood hand mixer with us and then decide that you need a more versatile food mixer to extend your baking capabilities, Kenwood can make that happen effortlessly. Simply upgrade to any selected kitchen mixer in the Kenwood Kitchen Machine range by offsetting the amount you originally paid for your Kenwood hand mixer from the price of your new machine. And you get to keep your hand mixer too!

4. Baking recipes, tips and workshops

We’ve got you covered with wholesome, healthy and fun tried-and-tested recipes at, the Kenwood-exclusive food blog. Maximise the potential of your Kenwood Kitchen Machine with local recipes, but also get all the tips and workshops you may need to help you navigate the world of baking.

Baking with confidence is easy when you are supported every day with Kenwood 360.

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