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Fine dining meets nature at The Menjangan Resort, Bali

Natasha Venner-Pack 9 May 2018

Explore the untouched natural beauty of West Bali National Park from the comfort of The Menjangan Resort and indulge in Pantai Restaurant’s sophisticated gourmet offerings - with a view of the sea.

There are trees – as far as the eyes can see. After the trees, comes the sparkling blue strait that separates the West Bali National Park from tiny Menjangan Island. With a wondrously high 360 degree view, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Bali Tower has become the icon of the area. The lower floors are home to the Bali Tower Bistro, one of two dining options at The Menjangan, a boutique retreat in one of the increasingly rare, natural and unspoiled parts of Bali.

Monsoon Lodge at The Menjangan Resort, Bali

The resort is spread over nearly 4 square kilometres. Out of consideration for Bali’s wildlife, lighting is kept at minimum,  as guests enjoy the natural sounds of the deer occasionally bleating to each other, the forest rooster, and bird songs coming from the trees. To get from one point of this lush resort to the other, guests can walk, cycle, or ride on the double-decker safari-style minibus. Sightings of deer – especially the elusive buck and its impressive antlers – are one of many treats to be seen while riding the minibus. It doesn’t take long for one to be charmed by the resort’s cosy suites and villas as well as by the friendly staff, who successfully strike the balance between giving guests privacy, while being attentive and catering to each and every need.

In West Bali’s untouched forests, horseback riding is a must.

Whether you go alone, with a lover or with friends and family, there are an endless amount of options and activities to suit all ages and interests. Be it the ever-popular diving and snorkelling trips to the Menjangan Island, a sunset horse ride, bird watching, a relaxing massage treatment overlooking the ocean, or simply lounging the pool – the resort has it all. However, one thing that really stuck out to us is the culinary selection at the beachfront Pantai Restaurant.

Indonesian delights to be found at the beachfront Pantai Restaurant.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant offers tasty and hearty international fare with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Sitting on the wooden deck while watching the ebb and flow of the tide is therapeutic and will lull you into a food coma, especially after sharing a decadent charcuterie platter made of three years aged jamon iberico de recebo, salami nostrano, coppa italiana dolce, chorizo, olives, cornichons, and other accompanying bits (Rp230,000). The experience and luxury of having such gourmet delights in the middle of the rainforest while having the ocean literally under your feet, is a sensation that one must experience at least once in Bali.

Culinary delights at Pantai Restaurant

With a wide and tempting selection of main courses, be it a heart-warming Thai green curry (Rp155,000) or a 28 days dry-aged barham estate beef ribeye steak (Rp235,000), selecting a dish is not an easy task. The lure of freshly caught seafood proved too much for us and a mouth-watering Pantai Platter (Rp365,000) made the cut for the dinner. Made of a perfectly grilled mahi mahi, juicy yellowfin tuna steak, tiger prawns, cuttlefish satay, and salads, it was truly a delight. We recommend opting for an early breakfast to catch sight of the deer or alternatively, to end the evening in a company of a loved one as you gaze and bask in the splendour of the forest and the sea.   

Jl. Raya Gilimanuk Singaraja Km.17, Desa Pejarakan, Buleleng.Tel: +62 362 94700

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