In praise of women

Eve Tedja


Here’s what five Bali-based movers and shakers have to say to woman who wish to blaze their own paths in F&B industry and beyond.

Nadine Waechter-Moreno

Nadine Waechter-Moreno

Cluster executive chef of Hyatt Regency Bali and Andaz Bali

“I always believe that gender should not be the measurement for any decision making. In the world we are living in now, we should no longer differentiate and dictate what each gender should and can do – everyone can make a difference. For me success starts when you get out of your comfort zone – don’t hesitate to take on challenges that help you grow and gain confidence. It’s essential to follow your passion because it helps you get through the tough times. Working in the culinary department is hard work and requires a lot of sacrifices – having the passion makes working much more enjoyable. Last but not least, be open and adaptable if you want to grow in this career. Never put yourself in a box for too long – you’ll miss out on many grand adventures that life has to offer!”

Claudia Sofia Von. Courtesy of Livia Kuniardi.

Claudia Sofia Von

Creative producer and consultant, teacher at Unisg, the University of Gastronomique Sciences; co-founder of hihuncollectif

“I have found inspiration in almost every woman I’ve met in my life. Our status quo is the result of the dreams and hard work of the women, before and around us. Learn, listen, absorb, and create a benchmark from their experiences. Then, just be you. Along the way, you may hear that you’ve done wrong but if you listen carefully, you may also hear that you also have been right. Allow yourself imperfection; there is no other way.”

Anya Lily. Courtesy of Jade Nina Sarkhel.

Anya Lily

Hospitality and mixology consultant, mixologist of Good Mantra

“My mum taught me to work hard and be independent. She also taught everything I know about foraging, nature and bees which makes me who I am today. Over the years, I’ve learnt every nook of the business from marketing, managing, food photography, events management, bartending, graphic design, cooking, carpentry, and cleaning. I’ve opened more than 10 bars and restaurants. I’ve learned that having a multitude of skills under my belt has enabled me to jump in and keep the ball rolling.”

Grace Costavina. Courtesy of Martin Westlake.

Grace Costavina

Chef de cuisine of Room4Dessert

“I have learned that there is no limit for creativity and always trust your gut. The only one that knows the best way for you is yourself, so remember to always take and strain people’s feedback. I would say, just keep moving forward because sometimes when you think about it too much, you won’t be able to start. Also find the right mentor to learn, set your goals and don’t give up on it.”

Sophia Burger. Courtesy of Livia Kuniardi.

Sophia Burger

F&B Operations Director of Potato Head and co-founder of hihuncollectif

“Shape your circle with people who inspire and share the same interests as you. It is always more fun to feed each other’s passion and enthusiasm and grow together. They will support you when you need them and push you outside of your comfort zone. Be curious and always ask questions. I surround myself with women who challenge conventions, dare to speak up, and driven to make change”





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