Self-care comes first

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Turn your home into a day spa a la The Legian Seminyak, Bali

, Self-care comes first
Make your own salt scrub at home with The Legian Seminyak, Bali

As LHM’s vice president of Wellness, Tomoka Nguyen is overseeing the brand’s Wellness by The Legian programme. It expertly integrates spa, nutrition and fitness in a highly personalised programme curated by each resort’s Wellness Concierges and delivered by Wellness Practitioners. The Legian Seminyak, Bali and the to-be-opened The Legian Sire, Lombok offer these bespoke experiences to their guests.

“Fear and anxiety at uncertain times can be hard to handle, but there are a few simple self-care steps that can make a huge difference,” shares Nguyen. Here are her tips to create a 60- to 100-minute spa journey at home in five simple steps.

  1. Lounge and relax (10 – 20 minutes)

Detach yourself from distraction by switching off your phone. Sip a cup of non-caffeinated tea such as camomile or other herbal infusion. Take a moment to think about how you wish to feel after the journey, be it relaxed and ready for a great night’s sleep or energised and ready to face a productive day ahead.

  1. Skin brushing (5 minutes)

It is a simple yet very effective way to support the natural process of detoxification as skin brushing stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. It also removes dead skin cells and encourages new cells to grow. Frequent brushing can lead to toned, softer, and smoother skin with less cellulite. The health benefits include improvement in digestion and strengthening of the immune system. Choose a natural bristle brush and brush lightly on dry skin. Always brush towards, not away from the heart.

  1. Scrub (5 minutes)

Take a quick, warm shower, then gently massage the skin with the salt scrub in a circular motion, moving across the skin clockwise. If no bath is available, rinse in the shower, then pat dry. Here is a home-made scrub that you can make at home.

Home-made body scrub

1 cup Himalayan Pink Salt or Mineral Sea Salt⁠
½ cup jojoba or avocado oil
1 capsule of vitamin E
80 drops of essential oils, for example:
– 20 drops sandalwood⁠
– 35 drops rose⁠
– 25 drops jasmine⁠

  1. Bathing ritual (15-25 minutes)

Sink into a bath of hot water and soak to allow the oils to do their magic. It is believed that bathing every day for 15 minutes in hot water is as effective as having a massage once a week.

, Self-care comes first
Wellness by The Legian’s inspiring relaxation lounge
  1. Relaxation Lounge (10-20 minutes)

Sit and relax somewhere calm and quiet and sip a glass of room-temperature water to flush out the toxins. Take the time to enjoy the moment – a few minutes of meditation is a great way to end your spa journey. Take your time and make the most of what you have at home. Remember that you deserve an indulgent, restorative break from it all during these unusual times.

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