Hotels & Resorts

Peru delights

For London-based chef Martin Morales, the colourful and friendly city of Arequipa in Peru always leaves him feeling at home in more ways than one.

Eating and living as mother nature intended

With a diverse arable terrain and a generous sprinkling of hot springs, Taiwan is a great destination for a wellness holiday. Mavis Teo visits Miaoli, Wulai and Taipei and immerses herself in the nourishing culture of eating seasonal produce straight off the land.

Living on the waterfront

The scenic backdrops, excellent local produce and enjoyable thermal springs of Lake Garda combine to give chef Denis Lucchi an excellent package for a truly blissful retreat.

Laidback gem

Victoria in British Columbia is where chef Kamal Silva will switch off his mobile phone and detach himself from the real world.

Bombay fever

Chef Irfan Pabaney’s love affair with Mumbai stems from the city’s blend of cosmopolitan energy and traditional charms.

Finding La Dolce Vita

Is it a hotel, a guesthouse or a bed & breakfast? No, it is a unique convento in the unknown region of Salento in southern Italy—run by an English Lord. Come here to slow-travel, relax and eat like a real Italian.

Laidback gem

Street foods stalls in Penang all operate at different times, so the trick is in knowing when to visit, says chef Adolf Tan. And while you are in the city, don’t forget to check out its charming heritage sites.

It’s all in the decor

Avoid the predictable addresses and check into these characterful accommodations for a vacation that is just as satisfying.

Exotic retreats

Bask in these luxury resort destinations mixed with a hint of heritage.



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