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Donate and drink up with Tiger Beer!

Destin Tay 14 May 2020

The #SupportOurStreets campaign aims to raise over $1 million to support the local F&B community.

Amid restaurant closures and fluctuating rental prices, many of our local eateries, including coffee shops, food courts, bars and pubs are facing uncertain futures. Tiger Beer’s regional initiative aims to alleviate some of the projected revenue losses to protect the livelihoods of over 220,000 people in the F&B industry.

Tiger has kick started the fund with an initial $100,000 contribution, alongside an additional $600,000 beer product sponsorship for over 600 participating outlets. The beer sponsorship will be sent to these outlets, along with a curated care package, in order to help them restart their businesses once the industry is allowed to fully open once more.

Tiger seeks to raise the remaining $300,000 through community contributions; through Tiger’s website, you can make as many $10 contributions as you want, of which 100 percent of the proceeds will be given directly to the participating outlets. Donors will receive a digital drink voucher with each $10 contribution – these can be redeemed for two Tiger beers at any of the participating outlets after the Circuit Breaker is lifted.

Vouchers will be valid until 30 September, but may be extended depending on the COVID-19 situation.

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