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The Last of Le Binchotan’s Jeremmy & Friends Supper Series

Victoria Lim 27 May 2019

Guest chef Damien D’Silva will present two dishes at the French-Japanese restaurant and bar

L to R: Sam Chabalani, Damian D’ Silva, ArChan Chan, Jeremmy Chiam

If you’ve missed the past two installments of chef Jeremmy Chiam’s Jeremmy & Friends supper series, the last one will take place on 6-8 June. That’s when the godfather of Peranakan and Eurasian cuisine Damian D’Silva will present a flavour packed repast with Chiam at Le Binchotan.

To get a seat at this French-Japanese izakaya style restaurant and bar, you’ll need to purchase a ticket ($35) that comes with one large plate and one small plate from each chef. Le Binchotan’s opening hours will be extended till midnight on the three nights.

Fans of D’Silva, who is the executive chef of Folklore, are familiar with his culinary prowess and this is evident in the tau cheo (fermented bean paste) Steamed Fish dish. It sounds simple but he utilises many techniques to enhance the flavour of the threadfin belly used while retaining its natural sweetness. Then there’s his Cucumber Salsa & Pork Belly, a rich and tangy side dish perfect for late night grazing.

Chiam will serve up a scrumptious binchotan-grilled Kicap Manis Chicken Satay, and a Uni Congee, made with Akitakomachi rice and scallop broth.

Head here for full details and seat reservations.

#01-04, 115 Amoy Street. Entrance via Gemmill Lane. Tel: 6224 1045


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