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3 places to buy bak kwa without queuing

Priyanka Elhence 28 January 2019

Why wait in line for hours when you can enjoy these juicy alternatives?

Shangri-La Hotel

One of the best things about Chinese New Year is the annual excuse to indulge in copious amount of delicious, calorific snacks like bak kwa. No table is quite complete without this festive treat because really, what’s not to love about Chinese pork jerky that’s marinated in sugar, spices and barbequed with charred edges? If you don’t fancy queuing for hours just to get hold of these red squares of tasty pork, check out these three options, each chosen for a different reason.

Tasty and tantalising

This is for true bak kwa lovers when the regular version just won’t cut it. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore has come up with a limited run of its Artisanal Barbeque Pork ($70/600g). It’s produced exclusively by gourmet specialist Double Eight for the hotel. What’s so special about it? This treat is handcrafted from scratch in small batches using premium pork shoulder and a century-old recipe originating from Fujian’s province, and the marbling on the pork is evenly distributed. The meat is sliced into thin sheets and marinated in a blend of fish sauce, sugar and spices for hours before it’s finally slow-grilled over low-heat charcoal hardwood for a subtle smoky hint. We hear only a few thousands boxes are available so the early bird catches the pork. Available at Shop House. 22 Orange Grove Road. Tel: 6213 4377

Non-pork alternative

KS Organic Chick KWA Strips ($18.80/200g) are inspired by the traditional way of producing bak kwa but made using 100 percent organic lacto chicken meat that is certified by My Organic Malaysia. Crafted with the traditional bamboo sieve and barbecued over sizzling charcoal, this is an ideal offering for your house guests who prefer a non-pork option. Available exclusively online at https://online.keesong.com/ready-food/ks-organic-chick-kwa-strips-200g-fl21.html

Ryan’s Grocery

Free-range and health-ish

We won’t lie: bak kwa is a sinful snack. So if you want to indulge without going overboard, opt for a healthier choice from Ryan’s Grocery. The organic butchery and gluten-free grocer is known for its wide range of ethically sourced meats. For the festive occasion, it has stepped up to the occasion to offer barbequed pork that is made from free-range Borrowdale pork in Queensland. Its Premium Bak Kwa ($48.80/500g) contains 50 percent less sugar and salt compared to other versions in the market. It’s also free of additives, preservatives and food colouring so you can enjoy this in a guilt-free fashion. 29 Binjai Park. Tel: 6463 3933


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