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Three rice dumplings you must get your hands on

Priyanka Elhence 4 June 2018

We've picked the best of the best rice dumplings, to save you the trouble of searching.

Picture credit: Sheraton Towers Singapore

We’ve scoured the island for the best handcrafted rice dumplings to celebrate the time-honoured rice dumpling tradition with friends and family. Whether traditional, vegetarian or an unusual flavour, we have something for everyone.

For the purist

For classic flavours, our pick goes to Sheraton Towers Singapore. A perennial favourite, the amply portioned Traditional Rice Dumpling ($42) is filled with customary ingredients such as pork belly, roast duck, Chinese mushroom, chestnut, salted egg, conpoy and dried shrimp, all of which come together seamlessly in every comforting bite. 39 Scotts Road. Tel: 6737 6888

For something new, yet familiar

Red Vinasse Chicken, or otherwise known as hong zao ji, is a traditional Fuzhou dish that has made its way into Wan Hao Chinese Resaurant’s rice dumpling menu. The star of the show is the hong zhao, a red glutinous rice that’s been fermented into an aromatic wine, which is used to marinade succulent chicken chunks into an eye-catching red. We like this appetising combination of sweet and savoury  enhanced by sharp ginger notes and salted egg yolk. $16/dumpling. Level 3, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road. Tel: 6831 4605

Picture credit: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

For vegetarians

You don’t have to miss out on delicious rice dumplings if you’re vegetarian. We recommend getting the Vegetarian Multigrain Rice Dumpling ($11.80) from Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin Singapore. Each morsel brims with cordyceps flower, black truffle and mushrooms without being too oily. Level 5, Marina Mandarin Singapore, 6 Raffles Boulevard. Tel: 6845 1111

Available till 18 June.

Check out our June issue for more options.

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