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An unforgettable Saturday at CÉ LA VI’s Sky High Brunch

epicure 28 February 2018

Singapore's most highly-anticipated brunch with a view returns to the panoramic skyline at Marina Bay Sands. CÉ LA VI’s first Sky High Brunch of the year saw an exciting collaboration with chef-founder Samia Ahad of Coriander Leaf as well as acclaimed percussionist, Noor, heating up the dance floor.

At CÉ LA VI’s Sky High Brunch, the picturesque skyline is an afterthought. You’ll be snapping photos with the clear blue sky but before long you’ll find yourself joining the congo line with new friends and the best beats in town.

Photo credit: CÉ LA VI Singapore

The quarterly affair returned in 2018 to a roaring full house, and I can see why. Free-flow Veuve Clicquot Yellow NV aside, it featured a sprawling platter of fresh seafood and pan-Asian cuisine as chef-founder Samia Ahad of Coriander Leaf joined hands with executive chef Joey Sergetakis in the kitchen. Best of all, house DJ Brendon P and Joshua paired the Saturday afternoon off with a dynamic playlist of house and afro-latin beats, with famed percussionist, Mohamed Noor (who has played with the likes of A.R. Rahman and Wang Lee Hom), adding an addictive oomph to every beat.

Pork Collar Satay

While many dived into the endless array of kebabs or a fiery Burmese Khao Suey (curry noodle soup), an enthusiastic group, glasses of champagne in hand, started a game of Jenga with life-sized Veuve Clicquot blocks. Before I could even join, a gregarious Australian ordered a round of Cuba Libre Old Fashioned for those lining the bar (myself, included). Behind my new-found buddies, a group started jiving to the upbeat acoustics of Noor while precariously (and, expertly) balancing plates of satay and house pour shots – and they were more than willing to welcome new dance partners. I couldn’t help but pull myself away to dig into the aromatic Indonesian Young Jackfruit Curry; great on its own, and even better as a dip for the fluffy Steamed Baos stuffed with tender slivers of Hoisin Shredded Duck or Korean Braised Beef Brisket.

Burmese Khao Suey

For four hours straight, it was a never-ending parade of delightful bites, exquisite bubbly and fast friends. It was a fantastic Saturday afternoon. Everyone threw their previous notions of eggs benedict and mimosas out the window and lamented about how all good things come to an end.

The best part – it’s always a surprise. You’ll never know when to mark your calendars, what they’ll serve, or who will be playing. All we can do is simply wait – impatiently.

Level 57, Marina Bay Sands Tower 3, 1 Bayfront Avenue. Tel: 6508 2188

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