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Strawberry wonderland at ICHIGO Delight Dessert Buffet

epicure 29 December 2017

Dig in and indulge in Lewin Terrace's amazing Japanese Chitose strawberry-inspired dessert buffet, with berry flavoured crumbles, jellies, cakes, macarons and more.

Take a respite from Singapore’s balmy tropical weather, and indulge in a berrylicious dessert buffet in Japanese-French restaurant Lewin Terrace, which sits in a beautiful black and white bungalow. With Japanese produce renowned for its quality, the ICHIGO Delight Dessert Buffet is set to plunge diners into a Japanese strawberry wonderland.

Beginning on 16 January, you’ll be seeing pink after the wide range of Chitose strawberry inspired desserts, from crumbles, mousse, jellies, blancs manges, chiffon cakes and macarons, crafted by chef Takegoshi. For heavier desserts, there will be a selection of baked cheesecakes and chocolate gateaux to top off your sweet treats.

The ICHIGO Delight Dessert Buffet, which comes with coffee and tea, is available only on weekdays from 1pm onwards. The cost is $38++ per pax.

This dessert buffet will also replace the dessert course of Lewin Terrace’s current three-course and four-course lunch set menus. Diners will be at liberty to choose up to three desserts from the dessert buffet. For diners who choose a set menu and who wish to experience the full spread of desserts, the top-up is $15++ per pax.

21 Lewin Terrace. Tel: 6333 9905

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