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Masterclass: Castella Cake and Raspberry Yuzu Tart

Eunice Lew 4 September 2017

The evergreen appeal of Japanese desserts is hard to resist. Executive pastry chef David Landriot of Patisserie G demonstrates how to jazz up the humble castella cake and fruit tart.

Light-as-air consistencies, saccharine but not overly sweet flavours, and spongey textures. What’s not to love about Japanese desserts such as strawberry shortcake, fruit roll cake, cheesecake and cream puffs? While these classics have been popular teatime treats, this year’s launch of Malaysia’s Ah Mah Homemade Cake and Taiwan’s Le Castella in Singapore has sparked a frenzy for castellan cakes. Several local bakeries have also hopped onto the bandwagon. To truly understand how to achieve the dessert’s signature light and fluffy texture, you must look to its country of origin – Japan


Excerpt from the September 2017 issue of epicure.

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