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Convinced and converted

epicure 31 October 2010

A fresh perspective on South Asian cuisine was what guests at epicure’s recent tutorial received, alongside a glimpse of Song of India master chef Milind Sovani‘s cooking finesse.

If anyone is a passionate exponent on Indian cooking, it is Milind Sovani. This is after all, the man who has orchestrated countless elaborate and lavish meals while serving on the culinary team to two former Prime Ministers of India, Indira Ghandi and Rajiv Ghandi. But the culinary trailblazer is just as fervent and comfortable with sharing more manageable recipes for home entertaining as he did at epicure’s eighth masterclass. The three recipes such as carrot coriander soup, butter chicken, and white chocolate kheer (cracked wheat pudding), were picked to prove a point—that Indian cuisine does not necessarily have to executed with a heavy dose of chillies and coconut cream.

Excerpt from the November issue of epicure.

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