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epicure 3 July 2017

Brunch – a highly fêted weekend activity across the globe. We devour the delicious stories behind this dangerously addictive sub-culture, as well as share tips on how to host a ritzy brunch party that will leave your guests talking for days.

What qualifies as brunch? Quite simply a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, it’s an informal repast that combines the two meals and commonly takes place from 11am and ends mid-afternoon, involving copious boozing and feasting, sometimes after a long night of revelry. But more important than a strict definition of the word is the vibe and state of mind – it’s just not brunch without the social aspect and a laidback quality. Here, we dig a little deeper into the origins and customs of the midday meal in U.S.A., Hong Kong and Turkey.


Excerpt from the July 2017 issue of epicure.

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