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Dinner hacks: Westholme Wagyu and wine pairing

June Lee 15 June 2017

Tartare, tagliata or slow-roasted are three ways to enjoy and pair your Westholme Wagyu with wine, whether you are dining at Culina Bistro & Wine Bar or prepping a fine meal at home.

The best things in life don’t need much embellishment. Take for instance Westholme beef from Queensland, Australia, a grass-fed and grain-finished Wagyu that has taken Singapore by storm. The succulently marbled beef is produced from the mighty Westholme herd which arrived in Australia from Japan over 20 years ago. The cattle are born wild and roam free in vast pastures of Mitchell grass, which nourishes and gives them a distinctively clean taste. 

That’s the reason why chefs from over 60 restaurants have embraced the brand in their menu, from Candlenut, a one Michelin-starred restaurant known for its modern Peranakan cuisine, to OLA Cocina del Mar, a Spanish hangout.

To delve even deeper into the ways that you can try this beef, start at Culina Bistro & Wine Bar. The butcher’s display is well-stocked with various cuts of Westholme beef with marble scores of 3-5 and 6-7. Customers who dine in can order their cuts straight from the butcher, with a cooking fee of just $15. Here are some ideas of how to order and have your cut of meat prepared, with a pairing of Torbreck wines from Barossa.

The cut: Tritip
Method: Tartare
Match: Torbreck Woodcutter’s Semillon 2014
The tritip is a small lean muscle from the sirloin, which is packed with beefy flavour. When transformed into a tartare, this Westholme MBS3-5 cut gives a deliciously creamy mouthfeel, thanks to its naturally marbled texture. To complement these flavours, Torbreck’s complex and fruity Semillon has smoked almonds on the nose and a buttery palate that won’t be overwhelmed by the chopped raw beef.


The cut: Sirloin
Method: Tagliata
Match: Torbreck The Steading 2013
This tender cut Westholme sirloin is a versatile favourite to transform into a quick yet impressive main course. At MBS 3-5, its moderate amount of marbling is ideal for a hot sear that brings out the juices. Serve it the classic tagliata way with seasoned rocket and shaved Parmesan. The Steading is one of Torbreck’s signature Barossan-style wines, comprising a vibrant blend of old vine Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz. It’s showing polished layers of plum, licorice and spices, with silky tannins that echo the delicacy of the meat.


The cut: Prime rib
Method: Slow-roasted
Match: Torbreck The Struie 2014
The more marbled the meat, the more juicy and full of flavour it’ll be. Westholme beef is grass-fed and grain-finished for the perfect balance of grassy flavour and rich fats, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than in a low and slow roast for a rosy red centre. The Struie is a true showcase of the Barossa and Eden Valleys, combining the most elegant Shiraz grapes for a wine with both finesse and power. Look for nuances of plum, black olive and cherry that lend heft to the dish.  

Westholme beef and Torbreck wines are available from Culina Bistro & Wine Bar. #01-13, 8 Dempsey Road. Tel: 6474 7338

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