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Of Abruzzo’s sea and mountains

epicure 28 April 2017

Much has been said of Sicily, Tuscany, Lazio and Sardinia – it’s Abruzzo’s turn to have its time in the sun. Gabriel Fratini waxes lyrical about the golden beaches and vineyard and olive grove-dotted peaks of his home region.

Although Abruzzo has been known to domestic and European travellers for years, the central Italian region has not reached the heights of international popularity that Sicily and Tuscany boast of. Still, hordes of tourists stream into Abruzzo in the summer, especially the province capital, Pescara, where the population swells from 100,000 to half a million. Coastal establishments facing Croatia and the Adriatic Sea make the most of the summer crowd by neatly lining beach umbrellas and day beds along the seemingly never-ending stretch of sandy shores – it makes for a fantastic, postcard-worthy aerial view.


Excerpt from the May 2017 issue of epicure.

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