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Best brioches in Singapore

epicure 1 March 2016

Brioche has its origins in France, where a good amount of rich, golden butter gives it a distinct fragrance and cake-like quality. It is typically washed with egg for a glossy appearance and baked in a classic shape of a fluted bottom with a protruding top in a brioche pan, though there are other variations like braids, rings and mini buns. The soft, flaky texture makes it perfect for bread and butter pudding or French toast. Whether sweet, savoury or plain, here’s where to get the best of this delicious bread.

*Updated on Thursday, 27 Oct 2016


We’re partial to the apple and raisin brioche for its browned crust and balance of sweet and sour flavours. The small chunks of fruit are scattered generously within the golden folds of the individual sized bun, which is topped with crisp crumble and a dusting of icing sugar. Their secret to achieving buttery brioche? Use high quality cold butter that is soft to the touch but not melting, and give it ample time to rest and proof. #01-70, 56 Eng Hoon Street.
Tel: 6220 3430


It’s no mystery why this Japanese bakery, which opened their Singapore outlet in Takashimaya in 2012, always has a steady stream of patrons. Of all the delectable viennoiseries available, it would be remiss not to try the orange brioche. One mouthful and we’re sold. The little morsels of candied orange peel added textural dimension to the fluffy crumb and a pleasant sweetness to the subtle almond and butter flavours. #B2-03 Takashimaya Food Hall, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road. Tel: 6737 4150


An overnight fermentation process is what lends this brioche its bronze crust and fluffy texture. It works well plain, or as sweetened versions gussied up with cream cheese, caramel and almonds. The folks at The Cajun Kings and Park Bench Deli are fans – they have their lobster rolls and sandwich buns made specially by the bakery respectively. 1010 Upper Serangoon Road. Tel: 6100 1345


Although some people may turn their nose up at international bakery chains, we were impressed with the honey brioche by this franchise store from South Korea. A knife through the springy loaf yielded an impressive bounce and unveiled sunny yellow interiors that imparted tantalising butter aromas. So soft and light was the brioche that we very quickly polished it off. #02-02 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road. Tel: 6836 3010


We adored the way the loaf was neatly sectioned into mini squares that could be pulled apart easily. It had a nicely browned and smoky crust, while the inner texture was light and
airy with the slightest hint of butter goodness. A simple, classic brioche great on its own or with a dollop of fruity jam. B2-01 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive. Tel: 6465 9926


We could smell the lovely fragrance
of Asanoya’s Maple Brioche before
we even tasted it. The sweet, sticky
treat is made from high quality butter
cream and pure Canadian maple
sugar, with utmost care put into the
mixing techniques, fermentation and
temperature. We were also won over
by the Orange Brioche – a zesty twist
on the original with chunky, refreshing
bits of citrus within the loaf and sticky
cross-hatched orange peel strips decorating the top. #01-03, 15 Queen Street. Tel: 6703 870


What makes Do.Main’s brioche distinct is the use of T45 Gruau Rouge French flour. The mid-strength gluten flour gives the dome-shaped bread more elasticity without weighing it down. 150g of fermented dough – from croissant or Danish dough – is added to every 1kg of flour to boost softness and extend its shelf life. As a result, the brioche here is almost cottony soft, but just as rich in buttery flavour. 226 Tanjong Katong Road. Tel: 6348 1406


Who would have thought the simple addition of lemon and thyme could perfume a brioche so wonderfully? The bakers here stick strictly to Isigny butter and Nippon flour in order to craft a fragrant, sunshine yellow loaf with the thinnest gold crust. The bread is prepared via the old dough method (using a stored chunk of previously prepared dough), proofed overnight in a chiller, and baked fresh in the morning. We used ours to make the best egg salad sandwich. Level 1, One Farrer Hotel & Spa, 1 Farrer Park Station Road. Tel: 6363 0101


The Parisian pâtisserie and salon de thé forgoes the plain loaf to offer a pear brioche tart that had us swooning. The lightly burnished bun, which was topped with glistening poached pear slivers rendered translucent, pulled apart to reveal a rich yellow interior. With each bite, the inherent sugars and sheer glaze of the fruit contributed a subtle sweetness to the buttery loaf. Also worth a mention is the morello cherry brioche tart, in which saccharine crumble serves to tone down the characteristic tartness of the ruby fruit. The brioches are seasonal and subject to availability. 30 Penhas Road. Tel: 6293 3121


The yeast for Crown’s brioches are naturally made from apples and added to the mix only after flour and water have combined for maximum hydration of flour particles and orderly gluten formation (the autolyse method). Because the recipe also calls for eggs and French cream, there is no need for additional moisture in the form of water. A scraping of fresh Madagascan vanilla beans completes this rich, aromatic bread. #01-03 Crown Centre, 557 Bukit Timah Road. Tel: 6463 3066

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