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Food Top 10 Best Restaurants in Singapore

Best green curry in Singapore

epicure 28 February 2013

A good green curry can take your tastebuds on a ride with its salty and spicy flavours, accentuated by an underlying sweetness and fragrance from the herbs and vegetables used. Here are the 10 we liked best.


Known for its refined take on Thai cuisine, Yhingthai Palace serves up an elegant green curry that is neither too hot nor too heavy with the coconut milk, but just right with their heady mix of spices. The curry has a whole-milk like consistency and is flavourful enough to slurp up like a soup. Apart from the usual Thai aubergines, the surprise inclusion of string beans added a welcome crunch to the dish. #01-04 36 Purvis Street. Tel: 6337 9429. Book a table at Yingthai Palace with Chope. 


Permeated with heady fish sauce, a generous dose of sweet basil, and apple and pea aubergines, this spicy comforter at the casual but ever popular A-Roy Thai is as brilliant in colour as it is in flavour. Luscious coconut milk and a prepared-from-scratch paste blend seamlessly to form a curry that borders on just the right side of creamy. #03-61/63, Thomson Road, Novena Square (Velocity). Tel: 6352 1446


The generous serving of basil leaves in this rendition adds a wonderfully fragrant aroma of anise that hits the table as soon as it arrives. The chefs at Sabai don’t shy away from heat, and it shows in the underlying spiciness of this curry, whose sliced fresh green and red chilies deliver an added piquancy. We love its rich coconut flavour, and the unusual addition of tender boiled carrots lend an added sweetness to the combination. #04-23 Ngee Ann City. Tel: 6333 8491


Executive chef Pramote Klabtablang’s green curry is an arresting combination of sourness, sweetness and spice—thanks to a medley of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime and cumin—but it’s the salty crunch of the accompanying deep fried fish skin that really completes its flavour profile. Dip the cracker-like strips to soak up the complex nuances of the various aromatics, or crumble them over curry-laced rice for a textural treat. #02-00 Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road. Tel: 6222 4688


The first thing that hits you about this herbaceous Isaan-style curry is the powerful waft of kaffir lime leaves. But with every spoonful, this fragrant kick is mellowed by the sweetness of Thai basil and the occasional jolt of green chilli. Here, you can enjoy your green curry with mixed vegetables and tofu, or your choice of meat, be it succulent prawns, tender fish, chicken chunks or thinly-sliced beef. 130 Pasir Panjang Road. Tel: 6473 3716


While KHA’s green curry might not boast as rich a coconut flavour as others on this list, what we really appreciated are the silky white curls of fresh coconut flesh that sit atop the dish, which provided a satisfyingly sweet bite to a green curry redolent with the flavours of lemongrass and galangal. Studded with apple and pea eggplants and generously filled with tender slivers of chicken, this green curry dish is also served in a tasting portion as part of a platter of three KHA signature curries – alongside panang beef and vegetarian red curries. 38 Martin Road. Tel: 6476 9000


Tamarind Hill’s Thai Green Curry with Roasted Chicken Thigh is, in short, curry perfection: a light green broth offering a balance of sweet, spicy and herbaceous notes. Executive chef Thiti Thammanatr adds a potpourri of spices and vegetables, such as sea salt, lemongrass, galangal, red shallots and coriander root, into the curry to give a rich, lingering flavour to the curry. We especially like the tender and aromatic chicken slices, which add a slightly nutty accent to the broth.  30 Labrador Villa Road. Tel: 6278 6364. Book a table at Tamarind Hill with Chope. 


Don’t be put off by the restaurant’s tacky décor of Thailand’s tourism images on the walls. This casual restaurant in sleepy East Coast Road still draws its heartland faithful during a lunch. The Green Curry, a crowd favourite, has its slightly fiery character tempered by a piquant, coconut-y flavour. The curry’s sweet, milky accent also marries very well with the accompanying beef slices (you can choose between beef, chicken or prawn). 899 East Coast Road. Tel: 6443 1995


Patara’s curry base may not be made from scratch, but its head chef for the past 12 years, Chimkit Khampuang (Lisa), goes the extra mile to source for only the most trusted Thai brands to use in her cooking. The green curry paste employed here is from Mae Ploy, and is mixed with rich Aroy-D coconut milk, then flavoured with shaved kaffir lime zest (instead of leaves), and pea eggplants. The final result is still adjusted to taste, with fresh chilli, garlic and fish sauce to enhance this perennial favourite. #03-14 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road. Tel: 6737 0818


If you like your green curry rich and creamy with a good punch of spicy heat, Renn Thai’s rendition of this Thai staple will hit the right spots. The aromatic whiff of spices and coconut arrived at our table even before the dish. We particularly appreciate the generous drizzle of coconut milk that topped the bowl of curry, as well as the addition of baby corn for that touch of sweetness.  #01-05 Clarke Quay, 3D River Valley Road. Tel: 6338-7200

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