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Best chocolate fudge cake in Singapore

epicure 29 October 2012

Chocolaty, rich and divine, we find the best 10 chocolate fudge cake that will please any sweet tooth.


The denseness and richness of their fudge cake is intentional as co-owner and head baker of The Pattissier, Tan Siang Yee, found that fudge cakes in Singapore are too spongy and light for her taste buds. She decided to come up with her own adaptation, which is more similar in taste and texture to the American version. Using only Valrhona chocolate, the cocoa flavours are robust and full-bodied, and its texture, smooth and velvety. So intense, we were swooned the moment we took a bite. 4 Mohammed Sultan Rd #01-01. Tel: 6737 3369


Luscious and sinfully rich, this cake is a real treat for all chocolate lovers. Each bite felt like we were swallowing molten chocolate and may be a tad cloying for those who like their desserts light. However for those who need a solid chocolate fix, this cake will definitely do the trick. 15 Bussorah Street. Tel: 6293 9010


The new kid on the fudge cake block, Matt’s The Chocolate Shop has definitely proven himself worthy. Available in full cake or cupcake sizes, the sponge is rich and has a moist brownie-like density, which explains why it only needs a single layer of gooey fudge frosting. No frills, no decorations or sprinkles are involved—plain old chocolaty goodness sums it up. 44 Amoy Street. Tel: 6557 2274


Contrary to its dark and decadent appearance, this chocolate fudge cake is incredibly light and moist. Almost melting on our palates, it is also not cloyingly sweet but tastes more of a strong fragrant cocoa flavour. The fudge has a slight jelly-like texture, and is smooth and sufficiently chocolaty without being overwhelmingly rich. 265 Jalan Kayu. Tel: 6481 1322


Vicky’s cake sponge has a slight salty note to it, but is well balanced out against the fudgy chocolate coating that covers the moist cake. Simultaneously rich from the smooth and creamy fudge, yet light from the fluffy and airy sponge, we easily wiped this cake clean and left no crumbs un-attacked. 28 Holland Grove Road. Tel: 6466 4000


Way before bakeries with fancy names, taglines and décors started sprouting up in the heartlands, there was Lana Cakes, a nondescript pastry shop set up by Violet Kwan four decades ago. Today, her cakes continue to pamper new generations of the sweet-toothed camp. The signature Chocolate Fudge Cake boasts smooth and aromatic fudge that wraps a very moist and chocolately sponge interior. We helped ourselves to several pieces, and the flavour was never cloying. We felt like we were biting into a bar of melting chocolate with a marshmallow-like core of cocoa goodness. Just heavenly. 36 Greenwood Avenue. Tel: 6466 5315


If you, like us, used to harbour the Willy Wonka-esque fantasy of placing your mouth under a tap of flowing fudge, then choc.a.bloc’s Mom’s Choco Fudge Cake is the closest thing to that. The cake flaunts thick, dark, masculine fudge that spreads lusciously around your pearlies with each bite. This treat is for chocoholics who love to unleash their inner chocolate monster (read: those whose idea of pleasure means taking a big chomp out of a rich, gooey chunk of cocoa. Taking a diet-wary, dainty nibble out of this dessert won’t do it justice). #01-179, Blk 86, Bedok North Street 4. Tel: 64466096


If we had a recipe that came close to ex-lawyer Lyn Lee’s All Chocolate Cake, we might be tempted to trade our day jobs and go into full time baking ourselves. The original dark chocolate creation was spun from Lee’s resolve to do away with the trimmings of mousse and cream, and to simply “put the cake back into cake”. It’s worked; the six and eight-inch confections come completely encased with a dark, almost pudding-like chocolate fudge that is moist, light, and a joy to savour all at once. #B4-50 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn. Tel: 6884 6377


Menswear, quality coffee, and cocktails. Now add a decadent chocolate fudge cake as another thing Maison Ikkoku does well. Made with 60 percent cacao Valrhona chocolate, the super-stacked slice is a fine balance between an undeniably rich fudge and airy sponge to appeal to both dark and milk chocolate lovers alike. 20 Kandahar Street. Tel: 6294 0078. Book a table at Maison Ikkoku with Chope.


A simple flour, butter and sugar cake gets an intense cocoa jolt in Don’s Chocolate Fudge Cake, which features three layers of chocolate sponge sandwiched between four layers of dark, bittersweet fudge. We like how it comes stacked like a sheet cake, making it easier to slice and all that much quicker to sink our forks into. #01-34/35/36 China Square Central – China Court. 20 Cross Street. Tel: 6536 0925

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