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Take five with a burger party

Destin Tay 25 May 2020

Go DIY with the Impossible Burger Bricks or choose from a curated list of purveyors for International Burger Day.

The Omakase X Impossible Burger

The plant-based meat trend shows no sign of stopping in Singapore, and its popularity can largely be attributed to Impossible Foods. Ever since its launch in March last year, its growth has been steadily increasing, with currently over 300 restaurants carrying their signature flag-topped Impossible Burger.

Now, you can enjoy the future right from the comfort of home. In collaboration with restaurant and distribution partners, Impossible Foods has launched an initiative for the general public to purchase Impossible meat for home cooking. The five pound Impossible Burger Bricks ($88.90) are currently available for pick-up or delivery from a multitude of Impossible partners, including Classic Fine Foods, Park Bench Deli, Straits Chinese, and more.

The Impossible Brick

I managed to get my hands on one of the bricks, and based on Impossible’s claim of how easy it is to cook, I set out to put it to the test. According to Impossible, the plant-based meat acts and cooks exactly like ground beef, making it possible for a one-to-one substitution in any recipe that calls for ground beef. I settled for an approximation of Park Bench Deli’s Patty Melt, complete with home-cured pickles, caramelised onion relish, and special sauce (this took a little more imagination).

The results were impressive; the Impossible meat cooks rather evenly and relatively quickly. Three to five minutes in a hot pan on each side yielded a deep brown crust that any burger cook would be proud of. Seasoning is a breeze too, a light sprinkling of salt and pepper on each side of the Impossible patty was enough to create a tasty burger quite similar to what’s available in the market. Should you want to attempt other non-burger recipes, there’s several that you can try out from Impossible Food’s website.

The Impossible Burger from The Coffee Academics

Quite the green thumb at cooking but still want to experience Impossible at home? Fret not; with International Burger Day right around the corner, you can still partake in exclusive Impossible Burger promotions from 25 May to 1 June. These include Brewekz’s Impossible Burger and Beer Combo ($28); a complimentary coffee with each Impossible Burger ($28) from The Coffee Academics; and the Heaven On Earth Burger ($29) from Rubato, which comes with Tiramisu Bubble Tea and hand-cut gourmet truffle fries.

To order the Impossible Burger Brick or International Burger Day promotions, please check the websites of participating outlets, or the relevant delivery platforms.

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